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A Conference on Media Piracy and Intellectual Property in South East Asia
Sponsored by the Goethe Institut, Manila, and the UP Film Institute

Date: November 24, 2006, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, UP Film Institute, University of  the Philippines, Diliman, Metro Manila, CMC Auditorium, Plaridel Hall

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Volker Avenmarg
Volker Avenmarg is the director of the Goethe Institute in Manila.

Tilman BAumgärtel
Tilman Baumgärtel, media scholar and curator, Manila/Berlin

The German media scholar and curator Tilman Baumgärtel currently teaches at the Film Institute of the University of the Philippines. He lives in Berlin and Manila and has published widely on cinema and digital art. He has curated a number of exhibitions on new media art and has taught media aesthetics at the University of Paderborn, Technische Universität, Berlin and the Mozarteum in Salzburg (Austria). Publications include Games. Computerspiele von KünstlerInnen, Frankfurt/Main 2003 (Games. Computer Games by artists; exhibition catalogue) and net.art 2.0
- Neue Materialien zur Netzkunst / net.art 2.0 - New Materials towards Art on the Internet, Nürnberg 2001.

Khavn De La Cruz, film maker, Manila
One of the most prolific independent film makers in the Philippines, Khavn de la Cruz was also among the first to employ digital film. Khavn has made nine digital features and more than thirty short films; several of which have won in the Philippine Independent Film Festival, the Tokyo Video Festival, the Cinemanila Festival and generally more festivals than anybody can count. He was selected in the Talent Campus Programme of the Berlin International Film Festival and the Hubert Bals Fund of the Rotterdam International Film Festival. His award-winning digital productions include "Slippers and Can", "Our daily bread" and most recently "Squatter Punk". He is also a terrific piano player.

JJ Disini
JJ Disini
A lawyer and professor at the university of the Philippines, he has published widely on open source software, copyright and related matters. JJ Disini has MAster of Law from Harvard University and is a partner in Disini & Disini Law Office. He is a member of the Free Software Foundation, the Computer Law Association and Creative Commons Philippines.

Volker Grassmuck
Volker Grassmuck, sociologist, Berlin
Volker Grassmuck is a sociologist and media researcher at the Helmholtz Center for Cultural Technology of Humboldt University Berlin. His main area of interest is the digital revolution, intellectual property and free knowledge. Previous areas of research include artificial intelligence, garbage, the history of media and identity discourses in Japan, and the knowledge order of digital media. He is the project lead of the copyright information portal iRights.info and of the conference series "Wizards of OS", a freelance writer and an activist. As co-initiator of privatkopie.net he is campaigning to promote user rights and freedoms in the ongoing copyright law reforms. His publications include Freie Software zwischen Privat- und Gemeineigentum (Bonn 2002).

Anne Marie de Guzman
Anne de Guzman is the head of the Film Institute at the College of MassComm at the University of the Philippines.

Fatima Lasay, artist, Manila
The media artists has addresses issues of technology and ownership in her work. She has published extensively about the significance of regimes of ownership for emerging countries such as the Philippines, and has been an important advocate for open source software at the University of the Philippines, where she developed and taught the first media art curricula at the College of Fine Arts. She was an organizer of the Digital Media Festival in Manila and has curated a number of exhibitions, both online and in art spaces such as the Atteneo Art Gallery.

Raul Pertierra, sociologist, Manila
Has published extensively on media issues in the Philippines, including TXTing selves, a ground-breaking book on the TXTing mania in the Philippines, the first book on the topic. He teaches at the Asian Center at UP and at the Ateneo.

Raymond Red
Raymond Red, film director, Manila
One of the most important independent film makers in the Philippines, Raymond Red has been at the forefront of independent filmmaking in the Philippines. His first film, Ang magpakailanman/eternity, shot in Super 8 in early eighties won major awards at the first Short Film Festival sponsored by the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines. His subsequent workds, either in Super 8 or 16 mm, like Kabaka, Kamada, Pelikula and others earned great acclaim in Asia and in Europe. In early nineties, he made his first feature length film (shot in 35 mm), Bayani/patriot, a film about Philippine hero-revolutionary, Andres Bonifacio and then followed by Sakay, a film about another hero, Makario Sakay. In 2000, Red became the first filipino filmmaker to win the Cannes Film Festival prize with Anino/Shadows, the Cannes Palme D’Or for Short Film.

Cornelia Sollfrank
Cornelia Sollfrank, artist, Hamburg

The central concerns in the conceptual and performative works in 'mixed media' of the German artist are the advent of a new image of the artist in the information age and communication as art. She has extensive experience with the subject of intellectual property, because part of her artistic project concerns itself with the appropriation and manipulation of media images. These concern went so far that some of her works actually had to be cleared by lawyers before they could be shown in public.

Rolando Tolentino

Roland Tolentino, media scholar, Manila/Singapore
The former director of the UP film institute is currently teaching at the National University Singapore. His critical writings on Philippine films and media has been published both in local and international reviews. His publications include Geopolitics of the Visible, Articulations of the Nation Space: Cinema, Cultural Politics, and National/Transnational. Subject Formation and Media in and on the Philippines.

Robert Verzola
Roberto Venzola, programmer and political activist, Manila
In the last months, Robert Venzola was frequently interviewed in the Philippine media, because of his analysis of the believed election fraud during the last elections. However, Venzola has been involved with digital media since the period of online-bulletin boards in the second half of the 80ies. His highly critical writing on the economic status quo of the information society and the power of international “information lords” has brought him international attention, and he is a frequent speaker on conferences and conventions all over the world.